Burlington Labs Grants $50K in Challenge Capital to the Lund Family Center

December 2, 2010, Burlington, VT

At Burlington Labs, we understand treatment. That's why we believe that working to make our communities stronger and healthier is very important. It is what drives us to do what we do. And we are so glad to partner with the Lund Family Center on their 120th anniversary project. Read more:

At the close of 2009, a large, unmarked tin of honey was hand delivered to Glen Road courtesy of Michael and Jodie Casarico Founders of Burlington Laboratories, Inc. The gift was sweet…and their pledge of a $50,000 Challenge Grant to Commemorate Lund Family Center’s 120th Anniversary in 2010 is sweeter!

The Burlington Labs pledge offers Lund the opportunity to leverage sponsorships and gifts through June 30, 2010 to honor 120 years of strengthening families by helping children and families thrive.

Burlington Laboratories, Inc. is a full-service drug testing lab founded by drug and alcohol treatment professionals who know that quick and reliable drug testing improves the level of treatment a patient can receive. Headquartered in Burlington, they test for most every drug of abuse, including illegal ‘street drugs’ as well as prescribed medications. Aiming to aid patients in recovery programs, as well as professionals in the medical, treatment, and criminal justice communities, Burlington Labs knows that drug testing can be a powerful tool for supporting those who struggle with addiction.

Co-founders Michael and Jodie Casarico say, “We are so happy to be involved with The Lund Family Center and to be supporting their 120th anniversary. Organizations, like Lund, who work to make our local communities better places, are very important to Burlington Labs. That’s because they share our goal to bring better human and social services to our community, helping it to be stronger and healthier. By supporting the Lund, we know we are furthering our commitment as a business, and as individuals, to help people improve their lives.”

As part of the labs engagement with the community, they donate at least 10% of profits to local organizations. Their commitment illustrates their dedication to directly improve the communities in which they operate.

“We are so thrilled to have Burlington Labs as our lead sponsor of our 120th Anniversary“ explained Lund Executive Director Barbara Rachelson. “Their $50,000 challenge grant and their commitment to local giving demonstrates their social responsibility and generosity of spirit. This gift will leverage additional funds for critical services right now when the demands for services are greater than ever, costs are increasing, and government funds are decreasing. We know that now more than ever families need our services and this gift will help us to be there for them.”

About Lund Family Center: Commemorating 120 years of strengthening families in 2010, Lund Family Center annually serves more than 4,000 children and family members. Lund’s work focuses on three goals: strengthening families, reducing child abuse and neglect, and helping to create new families through adoption. Its mission is to help children thrive by serving families with children, pregnant or parenting teens and young adults, and adoptive families. Lund is commemorating its 120th anniversary in 2010 with a series of events, including a Statehouse reception, a Mother’s Day Bike Ride on May 9th in Burlington, a Mad Hatter’s Tea and Bubbly on June 13th in South Burlington, receptions across the state and an Evening on Grosse Pointe in Ferrisburgh on September 11th .

To find out more about The Lund Family Center and all of the events of their 120th anniversary, go here: