Methods of Testing

We want your testing to be right for you. We understand that you need access to the best results for your clients. That’s why Burlington Laboratories offers a full menu of drug testing options. You can choose to test by urine or by hair. You can also choose exactly which drugs you’d like to include in your panel, whether it’s just one, a complete panel, or somewhere in between.

We understand that when it comes to drug treatment, every case is different.  So rather than expecting you to fit into pre-determined panels, we empower you with options, so you can choose what best supports your client’s recovery.

Urine Testing

Testing for drugs in urine is highly accurate and gives you the quickest results. In fact, if your urine sample reaches our laboratory by 3pm EST, you’ll receive your results that same day. When you get the information sooner, you can treat sooner. Our Same Day Results Guarantee helps you give your patients better treatment.

We can screen for many types of illegal street drugs, such as THC / marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. See our full list of drugs of abuse. We also test for alcohol use, which often goes hand-in-hand with other addictions. Alcohol, or EtG Screening, is included with any other urine screen.

Urine testing can also pick up commonly abused prescription drugs, like oxycodone and buprenorphine, which can help doctors and treatment facilities establish patterns of use or identify potential abuse.

Finally, all of our urine tests also screen for common adulterants, such as commercially available “flush kits” used by someone trying to beat a drug test. Our results also include data on creatinine levels, pH levels, and more, which can help you recognize when someone might be trying to mask their results by diluting or substituting urine.

See how urine testing compares to hair follicle testing »

Hair Follicle Testing

Burlington Laboratories offers drug testing from hair samples. Taking just a few strands of the patient’s hair, we deliver exceptionally precise results in just a few days’ time.

From hair samples, we’re able to test for many commonly abused drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, and phencyclidine (PCP). See the full list

Our urine testing program includes a screen for commonly used adulterants and “flush kits,” to catch people who may be trying to beat the drug test. However, hair follicle testing helps you avoid this possibility entirely, because there are no effective adulterants for a hair follicle drug test.

Finally, hair follicle drug testing offers a different time window than urine testing. Hair testing can potentially detect drug or alcohol consumption up to 90 days post use. For facilities that work with long-term clients and drug test on a regular basis, follicular testing could allow you to test less often, saving time and reducing costs without compromising accuracy.

However, because of the time it takes for new hair growth to emerge from the scalp, a hair follicle test won’t identify drug use within the past 5 days. If this time window is important to you, a urine test would be a better fit.

See how hair follicle testing compares to urine testing on the chart below.

Which testing method is best for you?

Testing at a Glance

Urine TestHair Follicle Test
*Hair tests do not include flush kit screening because there are no known adulterants that affect a hair test.
Identifies drug use within the past 5 days Yes No
Identifies drug use up to 90 days post use No Yes
EtG (Alcohol Metabolite) test included Yes No
Same Day Results Guarantee Yes No
Automatically screens for “flush kits” Yes No*
Detectable drugs of abuse See the urine testing list See the hair testing list

EtG Results Included with All Panels

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