Methods of Testing

We want your testing to be right for you. We understand that you need access to the best results for your clients. That’s why Burlington Laboratories offers a full menu of drug testing options. You can choose to test by immunoassay urine testing or oral fluid swabbing. You can also choose exactly which drugs you’d like to include in your panel, whether it’s just one, a complete panel, or somewhere in between.

We understand that when it comes to drug treatment, every case is different.  So rather than expecting you to fit into pre-determined panels, we empower you with options, so you can choose what best supports your client’s recovery.

Immunoassay Urine Testing

Our EIA screening for drugs in urine is highly accurate and gives rapid results. In fact, if your urine sample reaches our laboratory by 3 p.m. EST, you’ll receive your results that same day. We understand that when you get the information sooner, recovery can begin sooner.

All of our urine tests also screen for common adulterants, such as commercially available “flush kits” used by someone trying to beat a drug test. Our results include data on creatinine levels, pH levels, specific gravity and general oxidant, which can help you recognize when someone might be trying to mask their results by diluting or substituting urine.

Oral Fluid Testing

Oral fluid testing is an easy, noninvasive collection service that doesn’t require gender specific personnel; however, there is a shorter detection window and a limited amount of sample. Sometimes it is used as a replacement to urine testing, but it is not a direct comparison.

Oral fluid drug testing gives results for what is currently active in the body. Most of the time oral fluid has only parent compounds, which, unlike metabolites, yield a dramatically shorter detection window. Oral fluid only gives hours of information where urine can give us days of information.